All the components of the Document editor

The Document editor is like a blank google doc with Jarvis inside. You will want to work with Jarvis to compose amazing content. Boss Mode has the capacity to write long-form content for you both through Jarvis Commands and the Compose Button.

Jarvis Commands

Jarvis Commands are an instruction sentence or prompt to Jarvis that help him write exactly what you want him to. Think "Write a blog post intro paragraph about {TOPIC}."

You will fill in your topic with whatever you are writing about inside the document editor, and then you will run the command by pushing CTRL (command) + Enter (return). 

See more on potential commands you can use here: Jarvis Commands

Compose Button

In the document editor, you will see the compose button available for you. This will be the button you push to generate content. 

This button works well when you want Jarvis to finish your sentences or write more paragraphs about what you've just written. You can also use the keyboard shortcut: CTRL (command) + J. 

Output Lengths

You can choose between short, medium, and long output lengths. 

We've seen that the medium output gives the most consistent outputs right now. Long outputs can sometimes come out with some content that seems a little off. If that's the case for you, go ahead and toggle down your output length or change up your document description.

Cursor Position

It is also important to note that wherever your cursor is, is where Jarvis will read and where he will write. So if you want to generate content in the middle of an article, you can do that. He will only read 2,000-3,000 characters above where your cursor is, and he will not read anything below.


Updating the document's sidebar is necessary to do as you go. This will help Jarvis refocus on your inputs in your document as you continue writing. Updating your sidebar is especially important if you are running into repeating content. Jarvis does not want to repeat content, and he needs your help to give him something new and fresh in your document description so that he does not continue to get tripped up on the repetitive content. 


Switch between focus, SEO, and power modes within the document editor on the Boss Mode plan. SEO mode integrates directly with Surfer SEO, and power mode brings the templates into a split view with the document. 

Top Toolbar

Use the toolbar at the top of the document to add headings, bold text, hyperlinks, photos, make numbered and bulleted lists, rewrite text, fix grammar, and explain your content to a 5th grader. You can also run Grammarly and use the in-app Plagiarism checker.