Welcome! What you need to know.

Welcome to the Jarvis family! To get started, walk through a short 10-minute onboarding guide. This will set you up for success when you get inside the app.

  • By the end of step 3: You'll be ready to write your first short-form content.
  • By the end of step 4: You'll be ready to begin using the long-form assistant.
  • By the end of step 5: You'll be ready to throw any use case at Jarvis and watch him work.

The 5 steps to success

  1. Learn How Jarvis Thinks
  2. Learn the App Basics
  3. Learn how to speak to Jarvis
  4. Learn how to write with our Templates
  5. Learn how to write with the Long-form Assistant (pro plan only)
  6. Learn how to write for your use case