SEO keywords

Note: You must have the pro plan or boss mode plan to access the long-form assistant and the Surfer SEO integration. If you have not already integrated with Surfer SEO, please do so.

Step 1: Open up the long-form assistant and add Keywords in

Important Note: Make sure you are separately logged into your Surfer SEO account to see the "keywords" option.

Generate a new document with keywords added, as shown above then go ahead open the editor when you have filled out all the fields of the long-form assistant.

Step 2: Go into SEO mode

To see where your keyword rank or even get ideas for other keywords open up the sidebar.

Step 3: Write and change your keyword in document settings

To easily change the keyword in your document, head over to settings and change it there. This will tell Jarvis to include the keyword in his next generation. It won't always work perfectly so go ahead and try tweaking your document settings including the content description. Any additional leads you give Jarvis are helpful.

Watch Dave use this feature live!

To better understand the Surfer SEO content editor, check out this two-minute video