Learn how to write for your use case

With the right guidance, you can get Jarvis to help you produce content on almost any topic.

We've seen our users write:

  • song lyrics
  • ted talks
  • greeting cards
  • resumes
  • fictional stories
  • biographies
  • poems
  • short stories
  • blog posts
  • rewritten blog posts
  • company tag lines and slogans
  • recipes
  • menus
  • travel brochures
  • social media posts
  • real estate ads and marketing posts
  • emails and email follow-ups
  • company names
  • magazine ads
  • LinkedIn intros
  • And the list keeps growing...

Test out your use case

To write anything, our best recommendation is to scan the templates and getting familiar with the flow of Jarvis and how he works. The templates are great guides to create content. Ask yourself what do want to produce and then work backward.

If you operate in a specific niche, start with the product description template and see how Jarvis best describes your use case. Then use the words he wrote to plug that description into other templates or even into the long-form assistant and continue writing from there.

Additionally, many of the templates are versatile — meaning, just because it's a blog post outline template doesn't mean that it can't produce something else for you. Go ahead and try your use case in a few of the templates. For a refresher on templates, go ahead and click back to part 3: learn about the templates. If you need even more help, go ahead and email us at [email protected], and we'd love to troubleshoot it with you.

💡 Important Tip: The most loved and versatile templates are the content improver and AIDA Framework templates. We recommend starting there.

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Welcome to the family. We want to see what Jarvis is helping you produce and share in your successes with you. Join our ever-growing Facebook community to get ideas by clicking the link. The group is private, and we monitor it daily. 

All the resources at your fingertips

  • THE HELP CENTER: The rest of our help center is full of amazing use case guides and videos for you to watch at your convenience. We add to our help center almost daily as well.
  • THE ACADEMY: We also host weekly webinars to help get you off the ground and ensure your success using Jarvis. We post all our weekly webinars here.

Got a cool use case you've used Jarvis for? Tell us.

You made it! You're a Jarvis expert now. Congratulations! Write something beautiful and let us know what you create. Who knows, you might be the next helpful guide or video on our help center or inside our academy. We are here for you every step of the way. We're only one email away. ([email protected]). 🤖