Learn about the templates

What is a template?

Templates are our frameworks for how you can use Jarvis to create high-converting short copy. The goal of using a template is to help you achieve specific short(er) outputs for your unique use case.

Fill out all the fields unless they say "optional", but even then, you can fill them out. The gray text inside the template box is just a general guideline to help push you in the right direction. Once you've filled out every box, go ahead and decide how many outputs you want. The default will be set to  (3) outputs unless you are in a trial, then the default will be 2. Lastly, click generate AI content → to produce content! 

Templates are available on all plans.

Important note: If you are on a credit counting plan (starter), credits will count whenever you push the generate AI content button. So, if you are testing a new template or a new description we recommend going ahead and toggling your output to 1 or 2 to cut down on the amount of words generated 🙂

How do I use the templates well?

First, get familiar with all the templates we offer. Quickly scan your dashboard. There's a world of opportunity out there and then ask yourself, " what do I want to create?"

If your answer is →

  • "I want to create a new headline for my website."
  • "I want to create a couple of Instagram captions."
  • "I want to write a Facebook ad."

or something like these examples, then templates are most likely for you. Select the template you think will work best for your use case and insightfully fill out all the required fields, keeping in mind how you want to speak to Jarvis to get good results.

Second, you can layer templates together to create completed content. For example, check out this use case of how to create video content using the templates.

If you notice something strange happening inside the templates, you can 🚩flag poor results by clicking on the flag option on the generated output. These go straight back to our development team. They read everything carefully and tweak the templates every day to ensure that Jarvis is getting you the best results possible.

FAQs for Templates

  • My content is getting cut off at the end. What do I do?
    • Texts get cut off at the end of outputs simply because the template has reached the max amount of words to be generated. Each template has a specified amount of words to produce before it runs out of room, and if that's the case, template outputs can just get cut off mid-sentence. We're working towards getting that to cut off at the sentence before, but it's still a work in process. What we would recommend doing is condensing your input a little. Can you say what you want to say in fewer words? Try that and let us know if that does not work.
  • Jarvis is saying the same thing I just typed in. What do I do?
    • Duplicate content is just the result of Jarvis trying to generate good content for you, but your input needs to be tweaked. Go ahead and adjust your input to speak to Jarvis more like a friend and less like a robot. Add in words, take away words. Tweak, generate and repeat for particular niches. Remember to write clearly and simply. Let Jarvis add the creative spin to your content for you!
    • For more suggestions, look here
  • How do I request a template?
    • You can request a template by going to your dashboard and clicking on 💡request a template at the top. If you do not see that option, go ahead and email us your idea at [email protected] — we love hearing what you want to see next!
  • Can I train Jarvis to speak a certain way about my product? 
    • So inside templates, we train Jarvis ourselves to respond properly within the template. So based on your input, you are not actually training Jarvis at all. He won't actually "learn" from the input you are putting in. He reads about 10% of the internet and looks for patterns, and optimizes based on intent.
  • How do I change the language inside my template?
    • To change the language, turn on this customization in your account settings. This will change your default language across the app.
  • Where is my content saved?
    • All content is automatically saved. You do not have to click a save button. You can find it in your AI outputs tab.
  • How do I take something out of the trash?
    • For templates, you can highlight it and click the 🔄 remove from trash button.

Watch Chris walk through the templates live!