Learn the app basics

Let's walk through the app basics - starting with the left-hand navigation bar tabs and what they do.

First, we do not have any contracts that you need to sign to use our app. You can cancel anytime inside the app. 


Inside the app, you'll see a dashboard like this. This will be your home base. You can always access this screen by clicking  Dashboard on the side navbar. Inside the Dashboard, you'll see that you can:

  • See feature updates: be up to date on what we've recently launched and what's new inside the app. 
  • Access your favorite templates: To favorite a template, press the star icon in the top left of the template. 
  • See how many words you've generated over the last 7 days. 
  • Get quick links to the Facebook community and to earning free credits by leaving an honest review. 


Our 50+ templates are the building blocks of Jarvis. They are trained to perform very specific use cases and are very simple to understand and use. 

The template tab is where all your templates live. To favorite a template, click the star icon on the top right-hand corner of a template. Favorited templates will appear yellow in your template tab. You can search for templates by using the search bar. 

You can also request a template by clicking on the 💡next to the search bar (seen below). Be detailed when requesting a template. This goes straight back to our dev team, and we consider all our customer's requests.


Where templates are more constrained, documents allow open-ended content creation in a familiar Google Doc-like experience. Documents are available on the Pro Plan or higher.

Access all your documents quickly by clicking on documents in the side navbar. 

In the Documents tab, you can also access your trash. Important note, trash can not be deleted permanently at this time. All content is automatically saved. 

AI Outputs and Project Folders

All content is automatically saved to your AI outputs, including any generations inside of a document. Be aware of the project you are in. If you have multiple projects, you can search through your content by clicking on the project and clicking into another one. 

You can also search through all your content across all projects by clicking on the 🔍 button at the top right of the side navbar. Type in a keyword, and it will pull up all relevant content. 

Here, you also have sub-tabs of favorites, flagged, and trash. 

  • Favorites: any content that you star will live in this folder and in the general AI outputs folder. 
  • Flagged: any content you want to send back to the dev team to give not-so-great results will live in this folder. 
  • Trash: any content that you threw in the trash will live here. You cannot permanently delete the trash. 

⚙️ Account Settings

By clicking the gear at the bottom of the side navbar, you will access your account settings. Then you can click into the settings sub-tabs. 

If you would like to log out of your account, click the avatar next to your workspace name, and you will be given the option to sign out.

  • Workspace: change your workspace name and email and turn on any customizations.
  • Personal: Change the name on the account or update your password manually.
  • Team: Add members here. Go directly to the link to send to your new team members. More about pro plan team members by searching "team members".
  • Usage & billing: see how many words you've generated, update your payment details, upgrade or downgrade by editing your plan, get your recent invoices, or cancel your account.