Which plan should I choose?

Right now, there are two plans to choose from - Starter or Boss Mode. 

Generally, all plans get you access to Jarvis, our copyrighting AI. Every plan honors a 5-day money-back guarantee, so if you don't love Jarvis cancel your account and request a refund. 

We do not have contracts. You can cancel anytime inside the app. You can always downgrade or upgrade your account inside your app as well. 

Any plans will give you access to projects, adding and managing team members, using templates, email support, and access to our Facebook community! In any plan, you can generate content in different languages. 


The starter plan was the first plan we released. This plan gives you access to all the templates to help you write copy for different use cases.

This is a better plan if you want to use it for short-form copy like headlines, product descriptions, responses to reviews, and bios. The main difference with this plan is you have a credit limit for the month.

So if you sign up for the base price of $29/month, you will get 20,000 credits as "plan credits" to use for that month. Once your plan credits are all used up, you can use whatever bonus credits you've collected. 20,000 credits go a long way in short-form copy. 

It's important to note that within the Starter plan, there are different tiers as well. So if you need more credits you can bump up to a higher credit-based plan and your pricing will move as well. Our next plan up would be $49/month at 50K words. You can increase your plan credits anytime inside the app under usage and billing.

Boss Mode

The Boss Mode plan starts at $59/month. This is our newest plan. The boss mode plan includes everything on the starter plan plus even more. If you have a lot of work to crank out FAST, this plan is for you. 

Jarvis can read back 2000-3000 characters for more relevant outputs. The "Compose" button has been unlocked, so no more writing in extra sentences. And finally, the boss mode plan includes "Jarvis Commands". You can tell Jarvis, "write a blog post title about the iPhone 12," and he'll produce content for you. 

You can add team members by sending them the unique link in your account settings under the team tab. Boss Mode will allow for a max of 10 team members inside your workspace. If you need more team members - you will want to reach out to support to consider getting on a higher plan.