Jarvis keeps repeating himself, what do I do?

Jarvis is doing his best to write creatively for you, but sometimes he keeps writing the same thing. Suppose this happens to you, no worries. A few simple tweaks of how you are giving Jarvis information will help get him back on track. Let's walk through what you can do about it.

What to do?

To cut down on the repetitive outputs you get in documents or templates, here are some suggestions to try: 

  1. In documents, try using the shortcode: *** to help Jarvis re-focus. 
  2. In documents, try editing your existing document description (the content in the sidebar) to help Jarvis generate new content. 
  3. In documents, try feeding Jarvis a few sentences of your own to give him some more new content, then hit compose or run a new command.
  4. In documents, try highlighting and rewriting a different section of the text -- possibly even a smaller section. 
  5. In a template, try tweaking your description to be more simple and clear. A good rule of thumb? How would you explain your template description to a friend or colleague - write that in. 
  6. In a template, sometimes less is more. You are given 400-600 characters, but in many instances, Jarvis only needs a little. It's easier for him to optimize or create with 1-3 sentences instead of 5-6. 
  7. In a template, try using the product description template to generate a good description of what you want to write about. 

If you have any more questions or suggestions that have worked for you - chat with us!