Cancel your account

You can cancel your account anytime inside the app. Go to Usage & Billing and scroll to the very bottom.

What does canceling your account do?

If you have already paid for the month: When you cancel, your cancellation will be automatically set for the end of your billing cycle. This ensures that you can still use the app for the month you have already paid for. All remaining credits will be deleted when your account is canceled.

If you cancel within your trial: you will be immediately canceled and all your credits will be deleted immediately as well.

How to request a refund

Refunds are not automatic as accounts are set to cancel at the end of your billing cycle. Please ensure that your account has been set to cancel so we can process your refund. 

We will honor the 7-day money-back guarantee for those who have not used the trial — Email us at [email protected] and let us know!

Changed your mind?

To remove a cancellation, go ahead and email us at [email protected] We will need to manually remove this pending cancellation for you.

Pausing your plan

Right now, we don't have our pause plan fully built out yet. We can put you on a 1-month pause for the time being. Go ahead and email us so we can help you out with that. Pausing your plan for 1 month will also pause your access to use your account.