Downgrade your account

Please note, that right now downgrades take effect  immediately.  Meaning, if you go from a higher plan to a lower plan you will lose access to that plan's features after you press confirm.

  • Navigate to your Usage & Billing section. 
  • Click "Edit plan". 
  • Select a plan. 
  • Click "confirm changes". 

Downgrades are not set to start at the end of your current billing cycle so if you press confirm you will be immediately downgraded. If you would like to downgrade at the end of your billing cycle, go ahead and mark the day on your calendar so you can do so accordingly.

What happens to the subscription you paid for?

You will be credited back the what you did not use on your higher plan. This credit will live inside our payment processor and then be applied to your next bill so you will be paying less for your next monthly subscription. 

I want to upgrade again, but it's charging me... what do I do?

If you have downgraded and want to upgrade again-- you can do so in the app. The credit from your downgrade will pay for the upgrade so you will not be charged again. Go ahead and disregard that amount you see being quoted to you to upgrade again. If you are charged mistakingly, please reach out to [email protected]

I'm not seeing the option I want to downgrade to, what should I do?

Our payment processor and app take into account how you have previously used the app and it is showing you your options to fit your current usage. So if you would like to move down to a smaller plan with fewer credits for the month, your usage and billing will show you a plan that fits your previous usage. Please select a plan based on your usage. If you need additional help, please email [email protected]