I'm getting an error, what do I do?

Troubleshoot the most common below. If you do not see your error, go ahead and reach out to our helpful support team over at [email protected].

Websocket Error

This is a common browser issue. We recommend clearing your cache and/or trying a completely new browser. It's common that some browser extensions/ pop-up blockers can inhibit the app.

Not saving changes

This is a caching issue most often. Clear your cache and refresh your page one more time. 

Update payment/payment page

Not able to update your card payment and being met with the payment page? Go ahead and click a plan and change the card on file by following the prompts on the stripe landing page. Once you are paid, you should be back in your app in no time. 

Unusual Activity

Your card, workspace name and/or email has been flagged - please reach out to our support team. 

Sensitive Content Flag

The content filter has been flagged, please follow the promptings on the filter to make changes to your content. If you believe it is happening mistakingly, reach out to support. 

Account Under Review

Please reach out to support to understand what happened here.

Strange Editor Behavior

Clear that cache or try inhibiting your browser extensions. Remember Jarvis writes based on patterns so always make sure you edit content before generating additional content.