Who can I ask about a billing issue?

🔍 Uh oh, notice something in your usage and billing section? Let's troubleshoot it together. 

FAQs for Billing

  • Did you notice an additional charge in your account?
    • Have you recently added a team member to your account? Remember that team members on the Boss Mode plan are an additional $50/month. This amount will be prorated from when you add them to your account so you only pay for what days are left in your billing cycle. Then the $50/mo will get lumped into your bill. 
  • Why am I being redirected to a pricing page?
    • When you log in and are met with a pricing page that means that something is off with your payment method on file. Go ahead and refresh once. If you still see this page, try updating the card on file. If you cannot update the card go ahead and email us at [email protected] so we can manually retry your payment method.
    • If you want to cancel your account and you are being met with the pricing page that means that your recent payment was unsuccessful and your account has already been set to cancel. 
  • Are you wanting to upgrade or downgrade and wondering what happens to your bill?
    • Upgrades: happen immediately -- you will be prorated for the upgrade, meaning you will only be charged for what's left in your billing cycle when you upgrade. You cannot set an account to upgrade at this time. 
    • Downgrades: happen immediately -- you will be credited back what you have not used for your billing cycle and this credit will be applied to your next upcoming monthly subscription. You cannot set an account to downgrade at this time. If you would like to downgrade your account at the end of your billing cycle, set a reminder of when your subscription is set to hit and make the change on that date. 
  • Wondering when your monthly subscription will hit again or what plan you're on?
    • You can see what date your billing cycle resets in the app under Usage and Billing along with the name of the plan. 
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    • We offer competitive prices for our plans, so we do not have any additional discounts at this time.
  • How can you update your billing details or download an invoice?
    • You can update your billing details or download your invoice by going to your Usage and Billing section and clicking "edit plan". You'll be redirected to a stripe landing page. If you click on "update information" you will see a screen where you can add in any additional details like company name and VAT IDs. You can download an invoice by clicking on the date under billing history.  
  • How can you change an existing invoice?
    • Right now, if you did not have all the information in your invoice that you wanted and you are looking for it to be updated, please let us know. We will need to make one manually for you. 
  • How can you set your account to cancel at the end of your billing cycle?
    • Cancellations default to the end of your billing cycle if you have already paid for your monthly subscription. You will still have access to your account until your billing cycle ends. 
  • How can I reactivate a canceled subscription?
    • Go ahead and log in using that old email that was associated with your account. When met with the pricing page, enter in your payment information and once the payment has gone through you will have access to your old account and your subscription has been reactivated.

      If these questions do not answer your billing question, go ahead and chat with us at [email protected]